Eye makeup brushes

Along with a foundation brush, eye makeup brushes are the most important tool a professional makeup artist, makeup lover or even makeup newbie can have. The brushes you chose to purchase and how you use and treat them, are essential when it comes to applying any type of eye shadow or eye product that you want to be symmetrical, well blended and spectacular; in other words absolutely flawless.

There are tons of different brands, types and textures out there to choose from when it comes to eye makeup brushes, and it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for. You also have to keep in mind that many expert recommendations are based on what the artist prefers. However, there are certain guidelines regarding the textures, craftsmanship and hair-type of the eye professional make up brushes that can be applied to any brand or purpose while shopping for your own eye makeup brushes. In the end, the tools you choose to use for your most attention drawing features i.e. your eyes, must not only be high in quality, but also be in tune with the movement of your hands and the surface of your eyelids.

The most important thing to look and ask for when you are browsing the different eye makeup brushes at varied brands is the craftsmanship of the brush. In general handmade brushes tend to last longer because the shaft sticks better to the metal plate between the handle and the brush hairs.

Authentic hair vs. synthetic hair
Eye makeup brushes made from authentic hair are most often from goats, pony, donkey or sable. It’s difficult to say if authentic or synthetic brushes are better as they are used for separate purpose. However, one thing which is for sure is that authentic hair eye makeup brushes are best used on dry products while synthetic hair eye makeup brushes are best used on moist or liquid products. If you use a synthetic hair brush on a classic style dry eye shadow, the brush will have trouble ‘picking’ up the product and will cause a lot of eye shadow to drizzle down your cheek. On the other hand, if you use an authentic hair brush to apply liquid eyeliner, the brush will suck up an excessive amount of product and will struggle to release it on the eyelid.

The Cut
It’s easy to forget to look at the cut of the hairs, but this little detail is very important when it comes to application. Flat and straight-cut brushes are great for symmetrical lines, placing of eye shadow on to a large area and also to get to that area underneath the lower lids’ eyelash line. A fluffy and round-cut brush is great for blending colors together while on the eyelid and to soften out the outer edges of a hard eye shadow line. Eye makeup brushes cut on an angle, whether if it´s of a hard texture or of a fluffy texture will make it easier to place the brush along the global to create a perfect eye shape.

The Eyeliner Brush
The perfect eyeliner brush should always be hand made out of synthetic hairs. The two standard cuts are thin and short or cut on an angle, thin and short (much like an eyebrow brush). None is proven better than the other as it comes down to personal technique, but personally I prefer the thin and short cut for when I am making a simple eyeliner without a big angle or flick on the side, while I will use the cut on an angle, thin and short if I am making a classic 1950s eyeliner a lá Marilyn Monroe.

Don’t forget maintenance!
Once you have chosen your eye professional makeup brushes you still need to treat them with care to make them last as long as possible, but also to achieve a perfect eye makeup result on every use. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get your brushes clean as regular shampoo and water will do the trick. Apply a little bit of shampoo on to the hairs and carefully rub in the same direction as the hairs. Rinse out with water in the same way and leave to dry on a towel. Be careful to never get water or shampoo further up the handle as it will influence the glue holding the handle together. Do this at least once a month, but preferably once a week if you use your brushes every day.