Easy Steps to Create the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Does the thought of creating just the right atmosphere and ambience for a bubble bath for the special lady in your life make you break into a cold sweat? Would you know how, or where, to start? Here are seven easy steps to create a bubble bath she’ll remember.
1.) Planning
Planning is a key element. Have the bubble bath, candles, music, towel, a plush robe and favorite slippers available and ready. One weekend night might work best.
Eliminate as many distractions as possible. If there are children in your (or, your special lady’s) life, perhaps the children should have the night spent at a grandparents or friends house.
Or, maybe take the kids to the movies and plan a few other acticities… something they will enjoy; don’t worry about staying out too long. For her relaxation, is there really such a thing?
Oh, one more thing, unplug the home phone and turn off the cell phones.
2.) Bubble Bath
Does she have a favorite scent? If so, try to find a bubble bath with that scent. A Bath & Body shop might just be the ticket. Don’t like to go the mall and fight traffic? There are plenty of websites that feature Bath & Body products, for example: simplybestgifts.com
Lavender is the fragrance most renowned for its relaxation benefits. You may also wish to consider chamomile, vanilla and sandalwood.
3.) Candles
Candles may help with the relaxation too. Use calming colors to relax, such as pale blues, greens, white, or violet. You may wish to try to match the scent of the bubble bath to the scent of the candle. Of course, a simple candle without fragrance is perfectly fine, too.
4.) Music
Music has the power to heal… the power to help one relax. Pick something soft, pleasant, easy to listen to. One personal suggestion, try the music of Daniel Kobialka,
healingmusictherapy.com. Listen to a few of the samples there to see if your lady would enjoy it.
5.) Towel
Have a nice, fluffy, large towel available for her when she gets out. Don’t worry about it being too large. Ladies tend to favor larger towels, especially freshly cleaned and soft.
6.) Plush Robe
Long and soft… what is your lady’s preference? Notice what she looks at when in Victoria’s Secret, or other lingerie stores. Is it terry cloth, satin, or perhaps a light cotton robe?
7.) Slippers
Slippers can be as plush, or as practical, as your lady likes. If she doesn’t currently have a pair of slippers, ask her what she’d like to have. Make sure they’re the right size… maybe sneak a peak at her other shoes if you’re not sure.
Remember, this is a night for HER… to relax, to unwind. Allow her as much time as she needs.