Celebrity Makeup: Get the Look of Your Favorite Stars

Victoria Beckham notes that people can overcome “being ordinary” through proper grooming. In particular, all women can gain an extraordinary look with the magic of Makeup. Makeup is an essential component of your overall fashion package. This provides you with a chance to create a new image. In fact, you can even emulate the general appearance of some celebrities through the use of Makeup.
J-Lo: the sophisticated street wear
Jennifer Lopez is truly one fabulous and stylish model. She has a unique and strong style that is characterized by mixing street wear with sophisticated designer looks. Undeniably, what she wears cannot be left unnoticed.
With the help of various stylists, Jennifer Lopez has managed to achieve an unceasing sexy look. If you want to get Jennifer Lopez’s look, the first thing that you should remember is the fact that her makeup is always subtle. She keeps her skin glowing and healthy, and that is probably one of her best assets.
Knowing that her skin is something which she can show off, she uses her skin to stand out instead of concealing it. So, if you want her look, keep your makeup at a minimum. Go for the neutral and natural shades of cream, brown, and beige. Stay on nude and invest on a healthy skin.
Theron: the freshly quintessential
Charlize Theron is definitely one statuesque and beautiful lady. She has perfectly proportionate facial features and many dubbed her beauty as a “classic and timeless”. This is basically the look that she portrays through the outfit that she wears. However, it should be noted that while she looks classic, she also gains a contemporary aura through her makeup. Basically, she is a blend of what’s freshly quintessential.
If you want Charlize Theron’s blend of the classic yet modern look, you can start with bringing emphasis on the lips. The most notable classic and timeless trend is the shade of red lipstick. Just make sure that you won’t overdo the trick and end up having red lips that are quite overwhelming. Choose a shade that fits your skin but tones down your other facial features. For example, you have to keep your eyes and cheeks in neutral and sheer shades.
Beyonce: the creative perfection
Beyonce’s most distinguishable asset is probably her caramel skin that’s near perfection. She also has a full-figured woman that she greatly flaunts. Without a doubt, Beyonce is the embodiment of confidence. She has totally accepted her body and she dresses provocatively. She usually wears body hugging clothes yet she never looks tacky. As such, makeup probably does some magic.
Beyonce’s makeup is much like that of Jennifer Lopez’s. They tend to highlight her best feature – their skin. Unlike Jennifer Lopez however, Beyonce is quite more adventurous and playful with make-up and skin color. Although she also uses neutrals, she is fond of experimentation. She tends to put emphasis on her eyes as well.
Hayek: the surprising casuals
Salma Hayek is short of height but that has never hindered her success, nor has it evolved into an obstacle in attracting attention and becoming extensively beautiful. She always dresses up in casual clothes but she maintains having an elegant and stylish look no matter how casual her outfit is. This is probably because she makes use of surprising blends, shades, and styles of makeup.
Do notice that Salma Hayek does not have a specific makeup style. Rather, she keeps on surprising everyone. She tries neutrals to vibrant colors and shades. If there’s one thing that’s constant though, it’s the fact that she maintains her beautiful hair and keeps it shiny.