Bathing During Pregnancy

There is a rumor that has circulated for years, concerning bathing during pregnancy: many believe that bathing during pregnancy is harmful for your unborn child. The most common believe is that germs and dirt from bath water could make it’s way up into the uterus and infect the fetus.
Turns out, this belief is in fact an old wives’ tale, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t bathe while pregnant. In fact, bathing during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do to nurture yourself. Baths are not only wonderful as a source of relaxation, they do wonders for aches and pains associated with pregnancy.
When you take your baths, be sure to keep the water very warm but not too hot – scalding water (at a temperature similar to a hot tub) is too hot and could harm the baby, particularly in the first trimester. 98.6 degrees is about as hot as you want to go, and that’s a nice temperature that will relax and soothe you perfectly.
Taking frequent baths – even two per day – is a wonderful way to treat yourself during this often challenging time. Here are some reasons why bathing during pregnancy is a good idea:
Relaxation: Pregnancy carries many rewards and is a beautiful process for many of us. But hormonal fluctuations, physical changes in our bodies, and the actual task of raising a child can all make us feel stressed out from time to time. Bathing helps decrease blood pressure and elevate mood, leaving us feeling relaxed and uplifted.
Aches and Pains: Many women experience backaches and other aches and pains associated with being pregnant. Bathing soothes tired, achy muscles and relaxes us from the inside out. In fact, bathing is one of the most popular – and one of the safest – treatments for muscle soreness.
Skin Care: Your friends and family have all noticed your new “glow”, thanks to the little one growing inside you! But despite your newfound dewy radiance, there may be some other changes to your skin that aren’t so favorable. Thanks to hormone fluctuations and stress, you may be breaking out and your skin acting up a bit more than usual. Bathing in sea salts – particularly Dead Sea salts – is a great way to clean and detoxify your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and clear. Now you can show off that glow, without anything else getting in the way!
To get the most out of your pregnancy baths, be sure to use high quality bath salts. Bath salts are made using real sea salts from around the world, and there are many varieties to address your specific needs.
Next week, we’ll explore the best salts for you as you go through this important phase in your life. Until then, take a look at our site and familiarize yourself with the many bath salts we offer. Happy bathing!