Aromatherapy Bath and Body Products

Aromatherapy bath body products work in multiple different ways and this is largely thanks to their different constituents. For each of these products the constituent essential oils ensure that different applications and end results can be achieved upon use. We all know that natural fragrances have been in use for ages and even in this modern day people are still enticed by the same fragrant aromas. Apart from making perfumes the natural essential oils have also been tapped and subsequently incorporated into the bath body products that make bathing a delight.
Different Aromatherapy Essential Oils
There are a number of different aromatherapy essential oils as has been mentioned and we will explore some of these here. The first types are the monoterpenes. When these are incorporated into bath body products they serve to impart an antiseptic or anti-bacterial effect. This is the effect you get after using products that include frankincense, pine, and lemon. They are good for ridding the skin of germs and dirt. Secondly, aromatherapy bath products may be in the form of aldehydes. Aldehydes tend to have the same antiseptic properties characteristic of monoterpenes. Fine examples here include citronella, lemongrass, Melissa.
Ketones- A Great Essential Oil
Ketones are essential oils that impart a decongesting ability to the aromatherapy bath products that you are using. They are particularly efficient when the individual is down with a cold or flu. When used in a hot bath mucus flow is facilitated and thus the passages are cleared. For ketone essential oils you can opt for sage, hyssop, or even fennel. Sedating effects can be achieved when bath body products that contain esters are used. Esters are known to be sweet-smelling and pleasantly relaxing. You can opt to use bath body products that include lavender, sage, or bergamot.
Alcohols and Phenols
Alcohols and phenols are essential oils that have the capacity to impart antiseptic properties to your skin. When using phenols it is wise that the concentrations be quite limited since skin irritation is a real possibility. Alcohol essential oils in bath body products will grant the individual an elate feeling which is what most people crave for after a tough day. Good examples include geranium and rosewood. For phenols you can use clove, oregano, and thyme based bath body products.